A message from Lisa Bateman, New York

Artistic statements and stories

Language played an important role in the work of Nicole Carstens. Quite often her work was accompanied by a statement or short text. The titles she gave her objects often have a humoristic twist or show a deeper meaning.

Statement Nicole – 31 St. Marksplace # 5, NYC 10003
“My work is about perception. I am fascinated and intrigued by the relationship between outside appearance of common objects and their socially attributed meaning. While exploring this relationship between observation – what we see and – representation – what we think it means, I discovered that a great deal of this relationship is taken for granted. It remains largely implicit.

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“All forms of life are based on large molecules made of mainly carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Plastics too. For about a century chemists in their laboratories have been discovering ways to select ‘monomers’ and join them through the use of heat, pressure and catalysts. The resultant ‘high polymers’ resemble natural polymers in some ways. Yet they also have unique properties. Some exhibit glasslike transparency, others increased resistance to heat. Almost all of them are very durable.

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Summary proposed project for Bellagio

Statement Nicole Carstens

“I select the materials I work with from daily life: napkins, teabags, pantyhose and familiar industrial items. I endeavor to render a formal presence out of the feeling of a gesture, my gesture, to convey the sense of an experience that is subjective yet socially coded and therefore recognizable. In one of my recent works, the installation ‘CIRCUMFLEX’, made exclusively out of rubber, thousands of rubber bands encircle a gallery space in one continuous line.

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Tea Igitur
“In the environment I grew up in, stability was considered to be key to a healthy climate. In an apparent need for an orderly existence rules often replaced feelings. The latter were openly being scorned at as trivial, whiny or childish. Adults’ own repressed feelings came out in for the children accomplished ways. As a child sickness, a teacher’s death or problems with classmates couldn’t outdo the impact of the loss of a parent’s pencil.

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